Stanley Simkins known as “The Family Biz Doc” has formed the Small Business Virtual Roundtables to deliver these virtual roundtables to entrepreneurs. 

He has 40+ years of experience as a serial entrepreneur, business advisor, and coach to small business leaders, including facilitating “in-person” roundtables and “discussion groups” composed only of owners. 

He has published numerous articles, authored books, and presented seminars, webinars, podcasts, and related social media content dealing with various aspects of small business operations. He has been interviewed and/or conducted radio and television productions. 

Small Business Virtual Roundtables will provide a unique, cost-effective model for the “mastermind/roundtable." It is totally virtual and without geographic limitations. Perfect for the busy entrepreneur. He uses his unique experience and expertise to help small business owners and family businesses drive growth and value.

According to the Small Business Administration, there are nearly 31 million small businesses in the United States. Many of these small businesses were hard hit by COVID, nearly 20% closed, some never to re-open.

Most that remain have been impacted in some way, either their market, their customers, or their employees. These businesses need the most advisory help but have few options. What is available is either out of their price range or requires too much of their time. The aim is to address those issues and make a unique, cost-effective service available to them.

The typical small business owner doesn’t have a mentor, business consultant, or someone with sufficient experience, expertise, mentoring skills, or even ‘interest’ to serve as a resource for the many factors that cause owners to have ‘headaches’ in the operation of their business.

What most entrepreneurs want is ‘somebody to talk to’ who has walked in their shoes, is not going to try to sell them something, or “sugarcoat” their feedback for fear of loss (of friendship or of a “client”- e.g., their CPA, attorney, insurance agent, banker, etc.).

They want the ability to talk to peers (whether similar-size businesses, same industry, or those in other geographies.) And get feedback from others who have “skin in the game.”

The “mastermind/roundtable” group meetings are a venue for small business owners that address these issues.

The major difference is that it is totally “virtual.” Small business owners get peer feedback from members and corporate partners on the myriad of issues they face in operating their businesses.

But they also can discuss succession, conflict, and other family/employee dynamics, corporate culture, and timing in a supportive, empathetic, casual (but not unstructured) environment.

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