Virtual Mastermind Roundtables for Your Small Business

An affordable and virtual small business peer-to-peer advisory program held online

As a small business owner are you tired of going it alone? Are you seeking a peer advisory group to help grow your business?

Entrepreneurs face many challenges. You are not alone.

What if you could talk, in-depth and confidentially, to other small business owners, like you, on a monthly basis.

Folks with the same challenges or who have solved the same problems.

The Small Business Virtual Roundtables is the answer for you.

The typical small business owner doesn't have a mentor or business consultant.

Most don't have someone they can turn to, with sufficient experience, mentoring skills or even “interest” to serve as a “sounding board” for the many issues that entrepreneurs face in the operation of their business.

What most small business owners want is 'somebody to talk to.'

Someone who has walked in their shoes and is not going to try to sell them something or "sugarcoat" their feedback for fear of loss (of a friendship or a "client"- e.g., their CPA, attorney, insurance agent, banker, etc.). Further, they would embrace the ability to talk to peers (e.g., similar-size businesses, businesses in the same industry, or those in other geographic areas) to get feedback from others who have "skin in the game" (i.e., owners or family members working in the business).

Our group meetings are a venue to address a variety of issues (just about anything you could imagine in their business) and provide the convenience of being "virtual."

Get peer feedback from members and corporate partners on the myriad of issues they face in operating their businesses (e.g., workforce, systems, finance, marketing and sales, management, and structure).
All done in a supportive, empathetic, casual (but not unstructured) environment with confidentiality and accountability as key ingredients.
90-minute monthly session.
Overseen by trained, skilled facilitators.
An optional monthly one-on-one 30-minute session with the facilitator.

What Others Are Saying...

As a 3rd-generation company that I’ve been leading for 3 decades, I don’t need the group to tell me HOW to run my business. But the complexity of business today leaves me (and other members) to scratch our heads and wonder ‘what are others doing?’.  Whether it’s employee compensation, marketing materials, leadership challenges, opening a 2nd location, collections, employee matters, or potential acquisitions, I know I can count on constructive, respectful, and practical feedback from my peers.



As the Principal in a 3rd generation business, I knew my business. I needed the group to help me navigate through the mine field of regulatory pitfalls and requirements that seem to be ever present.  As a 10-year member, I found this group invaluable in running a business in the 21st Century.



Owning and operating many businesses over the years, I will say that I have learned a lot! Meeting and working with our facilitator (for over x years) has taught me more than anything else… from his knowledge of business, to the round table discussions and his never ending friendship! I always reference the things he has taught me when it comes to managing employees, and never hiring family! My favorite quote from him…”People do what you inspect, not what you expect!” I will never forget that!

EC. S.